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Mimvi SEO has been nothing less than stellar. It is hard to find a company, in nearly any field, that possesses the knowledge, professionalism, kindness, and most of all the passion, to provide meaningful results. Between the knowledge they possess, and the personal attention they provide (twenty-four-seven), we could not have asked for a better SEO team to work with. I never imagined working with a company that was both unbelievably responsive and well beyond competent. Thanks to Mimvi SEO, our start-up company has received tremendous traffic online and our business has therefore increased tenfold. They took the time to understand exactly what it is we do: the ins-and-outs of our industry, our competition and where we aspire to be.

This investment made by Mimvi SEO has truly paid off. We have reached the first page of search results for more than 1,000 non-branded keywords related to our industry. When we began our business, we did not fully understand the benefits of a phenomenal and the best SEO company on Long Island ; we also did not fully understand how it worked. However, they were able to translate the lingo of their profession so that we were able to successfully work together to build our internet presence. Both the professionalism and the intelligence behind the operation led to meaningful and quantifiable results. They were able to come to quick decisions, and explain the reasoning behind those decisions.

Honesty and delivery are two of their best qualities; both of which make for an upstanding quality business that we are more than thrilled to be working with. As a new business, our plates are beyond full, and that is after “seconds.” That being said, it is wonderful to be teamed up with Mimvi SEO; they are enthusiastic, assiduous, and they do not need to be pushed. Being in the customer service industry, I come across varieties of people and business: Mimvi SEO’s work ethic, customer service and results far exceed most of my prior experiences.

They have far exceeded my expectations, which are extremely high. If you want an SEO company that appears to be as invested in the success of your company as you are, it is Mimvi SEO. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed when the leads they drive increase your business. If you want the best, it is Mimvi SEO!

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